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Hardware Requirements

Since the server currently only supports the Japanese versions of Outbreak, you will need either a PlayStation 2 that is capable of playing Japanese region games or an emulator. If you do not have a Japanese PlayStation 2, be aware that there are guides on the internet that provide methods to modify your PlayStation 2 to play Japanese region games.

PlayStation 2 Users

Information applicable to all PlayStation 2 hardware types

Because disks must pass the "DNAS" check, unless you have a Japanese console, you will need to "rip" the ISO of your Biohazard Outbreak copy and patch the ISO so that your modified console can play it. Unfortunately, the original disks will not pass the DNAS check on a non-Japanese region console. This means that if you have a non-Japanese console, you will need a blank DVD for each Outbreak game that you wish to play.

Users with "slim" PlayStation 2 consoles

Slim consoles work fine. However, many users play on either an emulator, or a "fat" PS2 with a hard drive. Those users will load more quickly and you may felt left behind. We strongly encourage users to consider buying a "fat" PS2.

Users with "fat" PlayStation 2 consoles

Users with larger PlayStation 2 consoles may use a hard disk drive to speed up scenario loading times. The decreased loading times help make the experience much more enjoyable. Be aware that the hard disk installation requires a homebrew program such as PS2 OPL or HDLoader in order to load the game from a PS2 hard drive.

Japanese Region PlayStation 2 consoles, either Fat or Slim

Japanese console users may pop in the original disks and begin to play, simply by updating the "DNS" entry to reflect our current address (provided in the FAQ page). There is one caveat- even with a Japanese PlayStation 2, if you wish to install the entire game to a hard drive, you must rip your disks to an ISO and move the ISO to the hard drive.

Hardware Checklist

1. PlayStation 2 Console

  • Either a Japanese PlayStation 2 or a modified console from a different region.

2. Original Outbreak Disks, NTSC/J Region

  • Unless you own a Japanese region PlayStation 2, you will need to "rip" the ISO of the disk and patch it in order to bypass the DNAS check. Guides are available elsewhere.
  • Original copies of the disks are generally inexpensive and available on web sites such as eBay.

3. Hard Disk Drive (only applicable for "Fat" PS2s)

  • We recommend that users utilize a hard drive for the best possible experience.
  • There are many guides on the internet that address the type of hard drive and programs that load games from the hard drive.
  • We do not recommend using the in-game "HDD Install" option. Please see Hard Disk Drive Info for an explanation.

4. Broadband Adapter (Required for Fat PS2 users.)

  • Fat consoles cannot access the internet without one. Slim consoles already have an ethernet port and do not require a broadband adapter.

For one user's recommendations checklist, please see this forum topic.

Emulator Users

Although we don't recommend emulators, many users choose to use them. Please visit the the emulator sub forum for setup help and advice.

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Page last modified on September 27, 2022, at 04:05 AM